Up and ready to roll

How does my toddler have so much energy? The moment her eyes open at 6:30am she is off! Like pulling the covers off me, telling me I’m stuck and need to get up and go get a snack aka breakfast. Like child of mine please let me open my eyes first!

During the week she goes to daycare. So waking up that early is hard some days but on weekends its like there is no problem. She jumps out of bed and wants to play. I have resorted to giving her something in bed, like an Eggo and putting on Paw Patrol just for me to wake up on a Saturday morning.

I miss those lazy mornings where you could lay in bed and just do what you pleased at your own pace. Oh how parenthood changes it all.

She is going to regret the days she can no longer sleep in and I can’t wait till I can!

How do you handle your children waking up? Do you miss sleeping in like me? Let me know 🙂


Mommy to Athena