The Pacifier

When Athena was a newborn till 1 year old the pacifier was great but now its a nightmare. I am ready to burn that thing!

She does not use it at day care which is great but at home she knows how to play us and get it. She needs it to sleep but other then that she does not need it.  She is a talker but with her pacifier we can’t hear her words and it’s all muffled; it drives me nuts. Worse when she looses it and we have to search the whole house.

We have one left and honestly when that one goes missing that is it, no more! I have spend so much on new pacifiers in the last 2 years it is crazy. Just can’t wait till it’s over.

We call the pacifier a gookie, like cookie but with a G. What do you call call yours?

Do you have pacifier stories? Any tips or tricks?


Mommy to Athena