When baby goes away for the weekend

My husbands parents came to visit from the East Coast and boy am I going to miss their company. They took Athena away for the weekend and so we were baby (toddler) free for 48 hours.

We got to bing watch all the movies we had missed in theaters. We got to eat all our favourite snack without having to share. We got to go out for breakfast and actually eat at the same time. I got a much needed hair cut. It was so nice not to have to schedule everything around Athena’s nap time etc.


I honestly could not remember what I used to do in my spare time before baby. Like I had no clue what to do with myself. It was the weirdest feeling because I was still on Athena’s clock.

Like what did I do before I became a mom? Do you remember your life before baby? Do you miss it?


Mommy to Athena




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