The Pacifier

When Athena was a newborn till 1 year old the pacifier was great but now its a nightmare. I am ready to burn that thing!

She does not use it at day care which is great but at home she knows how to play us and get it. She needs it to sleep but other then that she does not need it.  She is a talker but with her pacifier we can’t hear her words and it’s all muffled; it drives me nuts. Worse when she looses it and we have to search the whole house.

We have one left and honestly when that one goes missing that is it, no more! I have spend so much on new pacifiers in the last 2 years it is crazy. Just can’t wait till it’s over.

We call the pacifier a gookie, like cookie but with a G. What do you call call yours?

Do you have pacifier stories? Any tips or tricks?


Mommy to Athena

9 thoughts on “The Pacifier

  1. Haha we call it a “binky” and my son uses it to sleep during his naps, but reading this I might toss it tomorrow before he grows a bigger attachment, haha! But then who knows, maybe he’ll pick up thumb sucking. Mom problems!


  2. Yes its true i think im to blame. She has always been so picky with food and complaining and so i thought distraction might help her to eat…well poor me. It did helped yes…it still does but now its such an annoying habit and honestly i cant blame her….but i still need to stop it…its VERYYYYY annoying…for me 😂


  3. Oh no! That would definitely annoy me. It is funny how they have these habits and breaking them or saying no creates meltdowns. I do not know who to blame but myself for these habits!


  4. We never used a pacifier for our daughter…not because we didnt want to okay maybe that too but she never wanted it…just like the bottle she didnt want the bottle for nothing she wanted that. But she has this other habbit which i dont like AT ALL. when she drinks her porridge/milk from a cup on my lap she wants to put her hand in my shirt to feel my breast (like she used to do when she was breastfeeding) ohhh if i tell her no she must stop it and i take away her hand how she complains and dont want to drink her porridge 😭


  5. I feel you mama! I’m in the same boat. My son also doesn’t use it at daycare but at home its another story. I’ve decided like you when this one goes missing, it’s not getting replaced. I think it’s going to be a cold turkey situation. Good luck!


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